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Spotlight: Deepi Hyare – Resolute Energy Corporation

Deepi Hyare, Senior IT Director with Resolute Energy, a Denver-based E&P operator, was kind enough to give us a few minutes to talk about why she attends the Denver Energy Tech Showcase (DETS) and what makes it a valuable and unique event.

Prism Group: Thank you for joining us today. Would you tell us more about your role at Resolute Energy?

Deepi: You are welcome! My role is to manage all of Resolute’s IT operations and provide IT services to the organization, which includes everything from desktop support to infrastructure, networking, cybersecurity and pretty much all things IT. My department is expected to be a business partner with, and resource for, our functional departments, including engineering, production, marketing, geoscience, HSE, finance, accounting and land, among others. We work with them to identify key problems, develop strategic objectives and determine how IT can provide a technical solution.

Prism Group: That sounds like a lot of responsibility! How can you do it all?

Deepi: It is a lot of responsibility, but we enjoy what we do. Like most people at E&P companies, we are being tasked to do more with fewer resources all the time. It is a cyclical industry, and we have to be prepared to operate successfully through all phases of the cycle.

To achieve that, we often take on the role of a business process reengineering consultant to the organization. To implement a solution or to improve a business process, we look at three legs of the stool, including the business process itself, the technology and the people. We must look at all three of those ingredients to achieve our business objectives and we often find ourselves bringing functional departments together. It is easy to get into silos, and since IT works across the entire enterprise, it is a natural for us to get involved in solutions that span multiple functional departments. In many cases, we connect people who may be experiencing similar pain points unbeknownst to each other.

Prism Group: What kinds of problems are you looking for technology to address?

Deepi: We continue to look for ways to better leverage our data in a quick and timely fashion. That’s a general statement, but you hear about Big Data, and what you see now is that we can use high resolution frac data or SCADA data. As oil and gas companies, our ability to access significant amounts of data has improved dramatically, but now we have to process it effectively to add value. We are looking for cost-effective technology to help us manage data better and turn it into information that can be analyzed and used to improve results. No one denies value of Big Data, but we need pragmatic and cost-effective ways to do that. 

Prism Group: How does DETS differ from other trade shows or conference exhibitions?

Deepi: I have been to two DETS events and you know, right or wrong, one of the biggest values is to reconnect with other people in the industry and network. You guys have done a great job to make it easy to come to the event, you can come and go as you please. I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of my old colleagues and vendors I’ve worked with in the past are there. The casual, low-pressure environment gives it a completely different feel than a traditional trade show. And everyone in the Denver oil and gas community is there.

The informal environment also facilitates conversations with exhibitors without feeling like you are being sold. I can approach a vendor and have a conversation focused on my needs, instead of being forced to sit down and endure a one-on-one sales pitch. If it makes sense to schedule a meeting to learn more, then I will do it. It’s a great way to meet people in a low-pressure environment and that encourages turnout.

Oh, and its free!

Prism Group: What did you take away from the Showcase?

Deepi: Not all of the exhibitors have IT offerings, which is a good thing. More than once, I have seen something that was more applicable to our Geology team or drilling engineers and I took the information back, passed it along and encouraged them to reach out to the exhibitor.

Also, I learned about a lot of new things that might not necessarily be focused on data science and IT. Learning about things outside of my functional discipline helps make my department a better business partner for engineering, land, accounting, geology, operations and others. It is part of our job as technologists to stay abreast of technological developments and figure out how we can take those tools, put them in our toolkit and apply them to solve business problems. The Showcase is a place where I can see a lot of different technology solutions in one place and get up to speed on the latest innovations in just a few hours.

Prism Group: What would you say to your colleagues at other E&P companies who haven’t been to the Showcase?

Deepi: I would highly encourage it. It is great way to reconnect with your colleagues, catch-up with vendors that you may have worked with in the past and learn about technology solutions that impact the field to headquarters. Make time to get out of your office and have conversations with others in the Energy Tech ecosystem, it will make you a better resource.   

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