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Spotlight: Alan Lindsey – PetroDE

We spent a few minutes with Alan Lindsey, CEO of PetroDE, a provider of oilfield intelligence and mapping solutions to help oil and gas companies make quality decisions faster. PetroDE, based in the Denver area, has been an exhibitor at the Denver Energy Tech Showcase (DETS) from the beginning. Alan tells us more about his company and what makes DETS unique.

Prism Group: Alan, thanks for joining us today. Would you tell us more about PetroDE?

Alan: You are welcome, and absolutely. PetroDE is an oilfield intelligence platform that puts critical answers at people’s fingertips, whether the information is from public sources, purchased from a third party like IHS or from proprietary data sets generated by the customer. We work primarily with E&P and midstream companies, and our solution impacts nearly every function in the enterprise, including reservoir engineering, geoscience, business development, land and the C-Suite.

Prism Group: Can you give us an example of where PetroDE helped a customer?

Alan: Absolutely! Just this week one of our customers told us that our platform helped them do in minutes what it used to take them weeks to do. They used our solution to perform a decline curve analysis on a potential acquisition. Instead of engineers and techs taking what was typically three weeks to work through the data and run the analyses, our platform did it in a few minutes. In a business where being first is often a competitive advantage, users are finding our technology to be a real game-changer.

Prism Group: That’s fantastic! Why did PetroDE decide to exhibit at DETS?

Alan: Being at the Showcase as an exhibitor, sponsor or attendee is a natural for people who are part of the Energy Tech ecosystem. We and others are working to make Denver a hub for Energy Tech innovation and DETS is an important part of that because it brings investors, operators, and colleagues together under one roof. As we all interact, we learn from each other and Denver becomes a stronger center of innovation. The more we collaborate, the better it is for everyone in the industry.

Prism Group: How does DETS differ from trade shows or conference exhibitions?

Alan: We usually hit a total of four to five shows a year. Some of them are big, like NAPE and URTeC, and we do some smaller ones as well. DETS has a completely different character and frankly, it has a different purpose. I mean, we’re selling at the Showcase, but there is a lot more going on. There is time and opportunity to talk to other companies in the ecosystem, be elbow-to-elbow with investors and even have your investors around at the same time you may be having a conversation with a client. That builds confidence among everyone. Instead of being lost in a trade show booth maze, the Showcase gives us the opportunity to have conversations in an intimate place with food and beer. It feels more like networking than selling.

Prism Group: How did PetroDE benefit from exhibiting at DETS? For example, can you point to initiating a new business relationship with a customer, strategic partner or investor?

Alan: We have had all of those things happen. We encourage potential clients to drop by our exhibit to see us and other exhibitors. We make intros to other companies, too. There have been a lot of relationships built with other people in the Energy Tech community. At the first few events, the Showcase tended to focus on startups, but now we see bigger tech firms are cruising the aisle and that attracts more operators.

At one Showcase, we had the good luck of having one of our prospective investors drop by and observe a conversation we were having with a new client about solving a particularly difficult problem. They were so impressed, we got a term sheet.

Prism Group: What would you say to other companies thinking of exhibiting at DETS?

Alan: I would say it is the place to see what the rest of the Energy Tech community is doing and how they are presenting themselves to the marketplace. After the show, people hang out for beers and that is where many relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors get started without being drowned-out by an army of big service company people. Come for the opportunity to meet potential customers but stay and learn from others in the ecosystem. You just don’t have the same opportunity at other events.

Prism Group: What else should people know about DETS?

Alan: Expect it to be crowded! Free beer and appetizers seem to be very popular.

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