About the Showcase

Prism Group and the ETS Founders are oil and gas professionals with a combined 75 years of experience.

Great Beginnings

While enjoying a local craft beer at one of Denver’s many microbreweries, it came to Jim Thorson, a local oil and gas entrepreneur and venture investor, and Josh Ulla, one of the industry’s up-and-comers, that something special was going on in Colorado. Entrepreneurs with different backgrounds were pioneering some innovative technologies that had the potential to reshape the oil and gas industry as we know it. The problem was, however, is that many of these firms were little-known beyond a handful of their customers and sponsors.

Jim and Josh decided to blow the lid off of Denver’s best-kept secret with the Energy Tech Showcase. ETS connects oil and gas companies, midstream companies, utilities and services firms to new technologies with the potential to help them increase productivity, drill better wells and make sense of the gigabytes of data streaming in from the oilfield to drive business results.

The first Energy Tech Showcase held in Denver in early 2017 was a raging success, and the second event was twice as big! We knew ETS was a “thing” when people started asking “When is your next event?” Now, ETS events are being planned for Denver and other energy center cities.

The Founders

Jim Thorson. Jim has a perverse attraction to the fuzzy gray area where concepts emerge from the fog of uncertainty and progress to become definitive and real.  That manifests itself in contexts ranging from prospect generation and execution to helping create and grow early-stage energy tech firms.  Jim realizes the first case as founder of prospect-generation group Catamount Exploration and co-founder of private operator Pronghorn Operating, and the latter as founder of energy tech seed capital firm Free Radical Ventures.

Jim graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Geophysics background, spent 12 years with Shell in Houston and New Orleans, and returned to Denver 20 years ago to pursue his current course.”

Josh Ulla. Josh is VP Business Development with FractureID, a Denver-based energy tech company with proprietary Drillbit Geomechanics™ technology that analyzes at-the-bit vibrations for detailed reservoir characterization, providing the basis for improved unconventional resource development economics.

Originally from Canada, and prior to joining FractureID, Josh worked at ExxonMobil in the Geophysical Operations and Formation Evaluations Groups, served as the Global Borehole Seismic Expert, and was relied upon to model, design, acquire, process, and interpret seismic and petrophysical data.

Josh completed his masters in potential field magnetic interpretation, bridging his Mathematics degree nicely into geophysical data analytics.

Why Denver?

It’s simple. The Denver area and Front Range of the Rocky Mountains are at the nexus of a world-class oil and gas resource play, multiple world-renowned higher education institutions, an active venture capital community and diverse thriving communities. The frontier spirit of innovation, self-reliance and entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and business culture.

The first Energy Tech Showcase was held in early 2017 in Denver, and since then has become a premier networking and informational event bringing industry together with innovators and entrepreneurs with private equity capital sources in a casual, high-energy and fun environment.

Why Houston?

It just made sense.

About Prism Group

Prism Group is the strategic marketing consulting firm for the oil and gas industry, focused on energy tech, oilfield equipment, financials and professional services firms.

We help our clients develop authentic Brand Identities, establish themselves as Thought Leaders and generate marketing qualified leads through innovative and creative Content Marketing programs based on sound value propositions that can be quantified.

To fulfill our promise, we leverage technology, creativity, industry expertise and proven methodologies for bringing our clients’ unique value proposition to buyers in a way that differentiates them in competitive markets.