Call for Exhibitors

The goal of the Energy Tech Showcase is to spotlight emerging Energy Tech companies with innovative solutions targeted to the energy sector in general with an emphasis on oil and gas. In an effort to keep the event fresh and interesting, we seek to have a natural amount of turnover among exhibitors. We don’t choose winners, we simply bring new possibilities to the attention of industry.

Selection Criteria

Potential exhibitors are evaluated primarily on the basis of:

  • age of company
  • maturity of the solution or offering
  • level of innovation being pursued

If you believe your company fits the description, please submit an application.

Cost to Exhibit

We charge a modest $250 fee to help cover expenses, including food, beverages and the exhibition space.

Submission Deadline

March 01, 2019


This is an application to be considered for an exhibition slot and slots are limited. No company is guaranteed a spot. 

Exhibitor Application