May 7, 2019 - DENVER

We’re back! The fourth edition of the Energy Tech Showcase is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in Denver.

Who Should Attend?

Industry: Executives at E&P, midstream and oilfield service companies. Drilling, Completion and Production engineers. Geologists and Geophysicists. Landmen, Asset Managers. IT and Data Management leaders. Purchasing and Materials Management professionals.

Investors: Private equity, venture capital, strategic investors and corporate development executives.


  • Drilling Technology and Equipment
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Oil & Gas Production Technology and Services
  • IT Services
  • Land Management
  • Geospatial Analysis/GIS
  • Supply Chain
  • Well Completion Equipment and Well Logging
  • Data Management
  • Water Handling/Treatment
  • Safety & Environmental

Spotlight: Alan Lindsey – PetroDE

We spent a few minutes with Alan Lindsey, CEO of PetroDE, a provider of oilfield intelligence and mapping solutions to help oil and […]


Denver Date Announced - May 7, 2019

DENVER | May 7, 2019

Denver E&P at a glance

38 public company offices
23 Public HQs
6 large-cap regional offices
50+ PE-backed firms
22+ Permian players

Relaxed atmosphere

Located in the entire Rock Bottom Denver Downtown, this event is meant to be casual yet informative.

May 07, 2019
3:00 - 7:00 PM

Good time

Free admission
Complimentary first beverage
Heavy hors d'oeuvres'


Previous Exhibitors

Local Exhibitors

Imagine data-driven intelligence built for every industry and a solution that delivers insights any user can understand – and use. B3 has redefined complex data with industry-leading collection approaches and enables non-technical and technical business users to manage, analyze and visualize growing datasets from a multitude of disparate data sources.

Conduit Resources provides dynamic tools for energy industry leaders to take control of premium vendor data subscriptions. The Energy Data Conduit enables your entire workforce to have direct live access to all of your vendor data, on your network, fully integrated with your systems.

There is an alternative to costly oilfield water hauling. There is a way to limit the environmental impact on your lease, meet regulatory requirements AND produce your oil and gas efficiently, economically AND have a positive environmental footprint. is changing the way energy companies use analytic models. eliminates 100% of the waiting, 100% of the risk and more than 80% of the cost of improving energy portfolio decisions.

EcoVapor Recovery Systems – Oxygen Control and Vapor Recovery. Convert Vapors into Revenue. Improves Site Safety. Eliminates Flaring.

EnergyIQ is an innovative provider of Data Management solutions for Geoscience data and Well Lifecycle automation. The Trusted Data Manager (TDM) integrates all your data into a single source of truth, and automates your workflows for better business operations, helping you drill better wells and lower costs.

Engage Mobilize provides a software solution that ties an operator to their contractors through a digital ticketing dispatch platform.

FractureID measures in situ rock properties using Drillbit Geomechanics® to help design completions and improve reservoir characterization.

Delivering diagnostic well data services through state-of-the art equipment and expert installation.

KeenIM empowers organizations, providing advantage through information with our industry-ready information management solutions and services. Our solutions span the enterprise and integrate with master data and line-of-business applications to ensure ongoing data quality. Delivered in the cloud or on-premises, our solutions are designed to find!

Detecting methane and other gas leaks from oil and gas operations has traditionally been hampered by high costs and technological constraints, which have limited efforts to provide continuous monitoring. This new technology, which relies on a laser system called a dual frequency comb spectrometer, provides a much-needed solution: extremely efficient, accurate data collection at a fraction of the cost of previous technologies.

MagVAR In-Field Referencing (IFR) improves well placement accuracy in directional drilling by providing a comprehensive 3D geomagnetic reference model for real-time steering. Experience the difference with precise indications of magnetic anomalies within the directional drilling field.

FracDax™ is NeuDax AI platform for developing unconventional oil and gas resources. Analysis of sweet spots, optimum well spacing, best well completion plans, most economic options for re-fracturing, and many more tools are part of this AI platform.

A web-based platform for the negotiation and trade of frac sand and other commodities with detailed reports on price, transportation issues and trade flows.

PetroDE creates a dynamic decision environment, integrating a team’s licensed and proprietary business intelligence data with geospatial displays and analytics to yield faster, better decisions.

Resource Analytics provides mappable reservoir properties for your individually defined target zone in established or emerging resource plays using hundreds of wells … OVERNIGHT.

Revonos provides modern Operations Research and Advanced Analytic expertise to companies facing operational challenges that could be made more efficient.  We can implement optimization solutions against your business as-is or add new process components to increase the efficiency of your operations.

TransContinent Oil (TCO) has identified many of the inefficiencies in the land service processes and has developed its TACT | Title Tree software to eliminate these inefficiencies as well as standardize the way we conduct land business by utilizing modern technology.

Transworld’s bioengineered enhanced oil recovery technology causes flow diversion within existing waterflood infrastructure, creating 25 – 50% uplift for operators seeking to improve production and extend economic life of mature oil assets.

Ubiterra is the home of ZoneVu, a 3D seismic-based visualization and collaboration web app for asset teams to use while drilling and completing horizontal wells.

Well Data Labs is a modern web application that helps operators become better at managing, analyzing, and reporting high-frequency frac data.

Wizdom is a web based software built for E&P companies, land service companies, independent landmen and title attorneys with advanced tools for title examination projects.

National Exhibitors

Ambyint enables operators to optimize production and automate operations by integrating traditional physics-based techniques with leading artificial intelligence. Backed by industry leaders GE and Statoil, customers typically see upwards of 10% increases in production and 20% reductions in LOE.

Cordax provides innovative formation evaluation solutions to the global petroleum industry using proprietary Logging While Tripping (LWT) and Slim Line Wireline logging methods. Combined with the Zone Grader interpretation analysis, Cordax helps you make the right decisions for your well.

Darcy focuses on researching new technologies and innovations that should be applied by energy companies. Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of solutions by exposing them to our customers in a structured and orchestrated way.

Hicor’s mission is to bring customer and shareholder value through leadership in new compression technology development and deployment, utilizing our patented high efficiency, high compression ratio, wet gas compression technology.

Technology that brings your reservoir to the sensory level so you can better understand, protect & optimize production. See, hold & test a living micro-model of your reservoir in real time (“reservoir on a chip”). Understand how fluids behave in your exact reservoir conditions. Beyond analysis, you can actually see how fluids interact within your reservoir in real time!

Computational modeling tools for subsurface geomechanics and fluid flow.

MineralSoft is the leading technology platform for minerals, royalties, and non-operated oil & gas assets.

NewWell Tech LLC’s Liquid Frac Diversion (LFD) technology and Liquid Well Liner (LWL) solutions can be applied to fix or repair your old wellbore, making them ready for refracturing. These cutting-edge technologies are also employed for conformance or plug purposes to maximize the potential economic returns for both conventional and unconventional fields.

Novi connects petroleum engineering teams to a single source of data and interactive predictive models, allowing Asset teams to focus on improving economic outcomes on capital drilling programs.

Reveal Energy Services is the go-to source to validate your completion design on every well with minimum operational risk and cost. IMAGE Frac™ technology is a new approach to mapping hydraulic fractures, enabling operators to work with factory mode consistency that increases reservoir contact by confirming whether a stimulation treatment is producing the planned fracture dimensions.

A boutique data science shop and TIBCO Spotfire® partner, data scientists, knowledge management experts, and domain specialists build analytics solutions for oil and gas companies.

Wellcast helps you standardize how activities are tracked and schedule rigs quickly. By eliminating bottlenecks cause by data silos and enhancing communication within asset teams and departments, Wellcast automates data gathering for reporting and provides a single, definitive, reliable source of the truth for well planning and rig scheduling.

R.S.V.P. to Attend

Space is limited! Please R.S.V.P. below to ensure a spot.

Non-Solicitation Policy

To maintain the quality of our events for exhibitors and attendees, the Energy Tech Showcase maintains a no-solicitation policy. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our exhibitors, sponsors and other attendees, we do not allow solicitation from attendees of any kind during any event, including asking for business or pitching business.

Networking is encouraged, of course, and contacts can be followed-up subsequent to an event. Any person and/or organization found to be violating this policy may be expelled from the event. Egregious and/or multiple violations of this policy may result in disqualification from future events at our sole discretion.


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